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Friday, June 1, 2012

Brooks Pure Flow - Independent review

I work in the big city. Unfortunately, after quite some driving on the motorway I would also have to cross the city in order to get to my work place. Since I hate city driving I frequently park my car at the city border and commute the remainder as a runner (10-14 km, one way). Sometimes, I also take the subway in the morning. This reduces the morning run to 3-5 km, depending where I get off.

Most of the commute run is on paved ground. While I really love zero-drop shoes I do not buy into this minimalism fad. Though some aspects are really interesting and may change the industry for good a little bit I do not believe that we evolved to run on paved surfaces. Especially when you carry a heavy backpack.

Before I used the Flow regularly I had Saucony's Cortana for these runs. But I must say I don't like Saucony's cushioning. Too squishy. Not very lasting. I also hated running in the Kinvaras (apart from their excessive lateral wear that really put me off).

Overall impression

Great shoe for forefoot/midfoot strikers on paved surfaces that don't want to sacrifice comfort.

Test conditions
  • urban environment, paved surfaces, all weather conditions, runs up to 1 hr
  • size: 10 US, 44 EU, 9 UK, 28 cm [my long foot measures 27 cm]
  • I'm a natural forefoot/midfoot striker [since ever and not just since it is trendy. Running up a mountain with your heels is quite difficult.]
  • added a 2 mm Noene under the insole. However, I cut the Noene half way to level the 4 mm drop of the shoe a little bit.

  • fairly flat with only 4 mm of drop (though I'd like to see them with 0 mm)
  • very good cushioning; quite firm but still very comfortable 
  • great fit; though slightly narrow in the beginning these get wider by time
  • my wife is more a heel/midfoot stiker. This "ideal heel" really makes her land more in a midfoot position. Previously she tried the Cortana. Even I notice that. However, I'd say if it came with 0 mm drop there probably would be no need for such a feature.

  • not available with 0 mm zero drop
  • after 350 km the cushioning deteriorates noticeably. Given the price tag in Eurpe those should hold up longer

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